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Upload : 14 Agu 2018
Channel  : Silvia Song
Duration : 11.46
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Thanks for watching!! I do not own any of these videos. This is for entertainment purposes.

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Videos that were used:
Eugene drinking alcohol with Kelsey -

"I do not eat expired food" -

When Eugene said "Fuck you Ned!" and runs into the forest -

Eugene trys ballet -

When Eugene pranked Ned with a freaking komodo dragon? -

Eugene with that one serious tinder "expert" lady -

When Eugene literally make-out with Ned's entire face -

"Normally I don't find white babies cute...." -

"Because I'm the queen of Thailand, whatever LOSERS" -

Eugene with a pooping piglet -

"Cause you might need more time on makeup" -

"She's making her wider Vietnamese eyes, small and pointy like my Korean eyes"-

"You're describing near death-" -

Eugene being drunk as hell while baking -

"Remember when you sliced your thumb on an avocado?" -

When Eugene almost made everyone die at the sea -

"It's okay.. little girl.... little girl...." -

The clown in Eugene's car -

Eugene smashing the clam like it murdered Eugene's entire family -

"The nose is like the penis of the face" -

" Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me" -

Eugene had so much joy legitimately trying to murder his friends -

"Body language... HA" -

Eugene wants to show his demon self -

Gene Quarterly -

"Eugene is gonna look better than us, let's just get it over with" -

Eugene looks like One Punch Man -

"Do I have a problem being a Nun? Nun whatsoever"

Eugene wearing high heels while being pregnant -

"Are you art directing me?" -

Eugene doing nude modeling with a bunch of hot men -

"Is he dead? Did you kill it?" -

Okay I know I might be missing some other videos but I'm too lazy so ya'll have a nice day while I go take a nap.


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